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It’s free. (There is a paid version more on that later) Generates enquiries both email and phone Adds a backlink to your website which is good for your SEO and Google ranking Improves your position in Google What you should add to your profile? If someone is searching in Google or online they are looking […]

Do weighted blankets work?

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For many people, weighted blankets have become a routine part of stress relief and healthy sleep habits. With the changes to all our lifestyles due to the pandemic, it seems that more people are experiencing anxiety and the resultant difficulty in sleeping. Research suggests weighted blankets may benefit people with anxiety, stress, insomnia and other conditions. They […]

6 things to do when you wake up feeling anxious

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Great video from Mel Robbins on how she approaches anxiety when first waking up. These are the six things she does to improve anxious feelings. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CM4SfZOlX0i/?igshid=1uuxdpzwj03zw You can find out more about Mel Robbins on her website. We also recommend the Music and Meditation Podcast from the BBC

6 Articles on coping with Menopause

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Research from Kings College on the menopause Researchers from King’s College London have, for the first time, shown that brief self-help therapy for women to manage menopausal symptoms had a significant positive impact on their working lives. Find out more about self-help therapy and the menopause NHS on the Benefits of HRT The main treatment […]

Can I still be a leader if I have anxiety?

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An aspect of anxiety that can be very difficult to talk about is leadership. A leader by definition is someone who not only has to be in control but also has to inspire and reassure others that they are in control. Is it possible to lead but also to have or admit to having anxiety? […]

‘6 Ways to turn around a bad day’

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If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, here is a great article on the BBC’s website recommends 6 ways to turn around a bad day. What would make today great? Focus on one thing at a time? If in doubt breathe it out? Name three good things Strut your Stuff […]

Ciarad Lloyd and What we have learnt about Grief

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The comedian and award-winning creator of Griefcast, Cariad Lloyd, investigates the science that is revolutionising our understanding of grief in a new programme on Radio 4. With a mixture of empathy and humour, Cariad reveals the new thinking which has superseded outdated notions like the much-quoted ‘Five stages of grief‘ and asks whether extreme grief […]

Challenging ‘cognitive distortions’

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In a recent article entitled ‘People With Depression Show Hints Of Distorted Thinking In The Language They Use On Social Media’ Emily Reynolds discusses the inaccurate thought patterns that often affect those with depression. These distortions include jumping to conclusions, catastrophising or self-blame – all of which can cause sincere distress for those experiencing them. […]

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