Leadership and Anxiety

Leadership and Anxiety

Can I still be a leader if I have anxiety?

An aspect of anxiety that can be very difficult to talk about is leadership.

A leader by definition is someone who not only has to be in control but also has to inspire and reassure others that they are in control.

Is it possible to lead but also to have or admit to having anxiety?

The article ‘Leading Through Anxiety‘ in the Harvard Business Review considers anxiety and leadership.

It examines approaches that can be taken to understand the role it plays but also how it can be channeled positively.

When channeled thoughtfully, anxiety can motivate us to make our teams more resourceful, productive, and creative. It can break down barriers and create new bonds.

Harvard Business review

The article makes the excellent point that ‘anxiety isn’t useless.

It explores how to understand anxiety and how to approach what you are going through from a different and potentially fruitful perspective.

You can read the full article on leadership and anxiety and you can search on our website for a therapist to help treat your anxiety.