Are you looking for something a bit different to regular ‘therapy’?

I’m Sarah. I’m an experienced Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Expert, Transformational Coach and Nia (therapeutic dance) teacher. I have worked in the field of psychology since 2005.

I do things a bit differently now. I have created a magical method of working with and helping people. I work as a transformational coach also drawing on my many skills as a psychologist as well.

I have found that group work is so powerful. I love offering help in a way that feels engaging and fun as well as healing. Groups can trigger people, but they can also be the very place that people can heal in profound ways.

I offer online courses (I did this even before covid times!). They take place within a private Facebook Group and on Zoom.

Bs to Bliss

This 4-day relationship challenge is called ‘BS to Bliss’ and is all about learning to relate in the most healthy and meaningful way; to others, but primarily to yourself. It’s only £39. The next one is Jan 11-14th. The following one will be around May time.

It is suitable for people who are single and wanting to create loving healthy relationships, and for people in relationships and wanting to improve or make them even better! It is for everyone, and focuses on the most important relationship of all; the one with yourself!

The online challenge involves;

* therapeutic dance (I’m a qualified dance teacher, this dance is for EVERYBODY though; no matter how fit or unfit or co-ordinated or uncoordinated! releasing old patterns/trauma from the body is imperative alongside talking therapies!)

* group gratitude practice (which I call celebration station)

* teaching and group coaching. This is where I teach about some of the most powerful ways of accessing JOY and happiness; I also teach about some of the most amazing and effective communication tools which have absolutely changed my life, and all my relationships.

I have a small team of amazing coaches working with me to deliver this course; they are all absolutely wonderful and full of love and support! They offer group yin-yoga and group reiki!

For the people who really connect with me and my way of working there are opportunities to do longer courses; 8 weeks and even longer. One-to-one sessions are optional to go alongside the group work.

This short and really affordable course is the perfect way for you to dip your toe into this less conventional way of healing. It also gives me the opportunity to see if you are willing to get vulnerable and go deep and do the work. I love working with people who really want to change; and this requires doing things really differently. I am there to stand by your side and encourage you all the way.

My work is about;

– holding people to live their lives from a place of love and not fear

– empowering people

– helping people to allow and embrace their vulnerabilities (I model this! and walk my talk)

-release shame

-heal and have fun

-focus on what they DO want in life, not on what they don’t want

– to create the life they really really want!

If you feel a connection to what I am writing about please email me at with any questions you may have.

Here is the booking link for a Jan ticket, but you must also email me so that I have your email address to let me know you are joining in. For some reason ticketease isn’t providing me with people’s email addresses.

Can’t wait to hear from you and to make 2021 the year that things start to feel brighter.

Some reviews from people I have worked with;


“I have noticed so many changes; a peacefulness that I’ve never felt, less noise in my head and fewer old stories whirring around. I have an inner confidence and acceptance that I will live my life in the best way. I LOVE the new me, I might even go as far as to say I LOVE MYSELF!”


“Relationship Magic in action… 2 months ago my partner and I were separating. I was looking for a new home, thinking about how we would co-parent our 3 kids and wondering which bits of furniture I’d get… Last night and today we have been planning our handfasting ceremony next year!

11 years of relationship… blurred boundaries, messed up communication, major patterns of codependency and wondering what the hell was going wrong… rewritten in 2 months with Sarah’s expert guidance and amazing coaching!”


“This course has literally changed my life and completely rewired the way I think, the way I see myself and the world around me. On top of that the connections I’ve made in the group will last a lifetime”

Can’t wait to see the changes you make too!