Sometimes life can really feel like a challenge, and we all can find ourselves thinking, we have no one whom we can turn to in our own lives.

Things can happen to us, or we can make decisions that we feel people judge us on, and our way of coping with these situations, can result in us wanting to retreat from everyday life.

If you feel your quality of life has deteriorated; if you are easily overwhelmed and finding it hard to cope; if you need to feel heard and accepted, maybe you need to talk to someone who can listen, and not be shocked by your story.

As a counsellor, this is and has been my role with my clients, for many years – To hear, accept and not judge you, to travel alongside you, at a difficult time, holding what you share with me when we meet, whilst knowing I am not involved in any other part of your life.

If something has led you here and you know for sure you want to feel better, it could be you are thinking of reaching out and asking for help. Often this first step into the unknown can be the hardest and most anxiety-provoking part, leaving you with lots of questions and uncertainties that you need answers to.

Please be assured if you do contact me, and you need to leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as I can and, I will endeavour to answer your questions.

A Little About Me

My name is Mary and my interest in counselling took me into training in the 1990s.

My initial training favoured the ‘therapeutic relationship’ and then, my interest took me into training and working with trauma.  I have spent the last 10 yrs developing my private practice in Fife, and Glasgow,  offering long and short term counselling to clients, the frequency of which being led by individual need. I am currently working with an array of different issues ranging from trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, phobias to physical and or sexual abuse, to name but a few.

My Labradoodle accompanies me to work in both locations and after an initial greeting, his quiet presence is found to be very soothing.

I aim to offer a safe place, where you are in charge of what you share, and what it is you need support with; a place that values your life experiences and wisdom, with no investment on my behalf, about what you should or should not do.

As a Counsellor, my client work has shown me how for some people, the drip, drip effect of smaller traumas can over time add up to post-traumatic stress, just as a major traumatic event can. An example of trauma for one person could be that they have been bullied, ridiculed or made to feel they don’t exist, whilst for another person a trauma could be surviving a serious assault or car crash. Either could be experiencing difficulties coping on a day to day basis, with concentration, sleep, relationships, work, feeling constantly emotionally overwhelmed, sensitive, angry, numb, detached or suffering from horrible physical symptoms such as panic, anxiety,  flashbacks or nightmares; sometimes years later, they still find themselves reacting as if the event has just happened.

Experience has shown me when someone just needs to stop feeling so physically and emotionally overwhelmed; working with a Counsellor helps…With your knowledge of self and my training, we will work at your pace and with the greatest respect for the skills that have helped you to survive your story so far. Together we can learn what brings you relief, from how you are feeling physically and emotionally.

If you are looking for someone to listen and walk alongside you at this difficult or challenging time, all it takes is that first step of reaching out for help. If you contact me and I can’t speak directly with you, please be assured you can leave a message in confidence and that I will call back as soon as is possible. Alternatively, I can be contacted at the following email address,

Additional Info

Training, Qualifications & Experience

I have a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling - I am an accredited Member of the British Association of Counsellor s and Psychotherapists (MBACP (Accred)).
I am an EMDR Europe Certificated EMDR ( Accred) practitioner
I have a Certificate in Phases 1&2 Brainspotting
I completed year 1 in Somatic Trauma training and have level 1 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training. In addition to this I have a certificate in CRM for working with complex trauma.
I have a post Graduate Certificate for Counselling Children and Young People,
I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Person Centred Supervision

Over 20 yrs experience in the helping professions. I have experience of working with the Health Board, Social Work Department, Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project, Falkirk District Mental Health Association, Perth Association for Mental Health, EAP work and I have a Private practice. I have been an assistant tutor on a diploma counselling course and I have experience of working both long and short term with clients. I provide supervision to trainee and practicing counsellors and consultation / supervision to individuals not practicing as counsellors, but in work place settings, cworking with individuals. I am also available to deliver workshops on request.