Amber Archbold

I’m a Counsellor who also offers Psychosocial Recovery Coaching. My role is to help you discover what works for you in recovery.

Amber Archbold

Amber Archbold offers one-to-one Counselling and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching services and also provide these services for self or plan-managed individuals accessing the NDIS.

I work out of Melbourne, Victoria or Telehealth Australia-wide.

My curiosity about the human experience and the way we relate to others sparked my interest in this profession.

People inherently need people and with the help of others, we navigate our way through life and the struggles we face.

This prompted me to quit corporate life and complete a Bachelor of Counselling, working in Support Work, Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and training as a Crisis Supporter for Lifeline (which is ongoing).

Non-judgemental approach

My approach is non-judgemental, warm, empathetic and curious. No two people have the same experience and my role is to understand you within your context to help understand and make sense of your experience.

From there we work collaboratively at your pace on what is important to you.

My philosophy draws from the mind of Ram Dass, with the understanding in life that ‘we’re all just walking each other home’.

My purpose is to help make your journey a little easier.

About Me

How are therapy sessions held?

In Person Therapy, Online Therapy

Amber Archbold can help with the following issues


Standard individual fee (50 min) – $110

I currently offer a reduced rate of $85 for adolescents due to the increase in need for services

How therapy is delivered

In Person Therapy, Online Therapy

Amber deals with the following issues

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Who should access Counselling?


People generally seek Counselling when their mental health begins to deteriorate or they are struggling with personal, emotional or mental health issues that are interfering with daily life.

Everyone can benefit from speaking to a mental health professional in a non-judgmental, empathetic and confidential environment.

How does Counselling differ from Psychology?

Counsellors do not diagnose mental health conditions however both use evidence-based interventions to improve coping skills and improve your mental health.

For some, their experiences with Psychologists (and even other Counsellors) can feel too clinical or impersonal.

This is the antithesis of my approach. It is professional – but it is human.

What should I look for in a Counsellor?

I recommend finding a Counsellor registered with PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia) or ACA (Australian Counselling Association).

This means they must adhere to specific educational standards to hold membership.


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