Debbie Espie

I believe in the power of counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching to help individuals overcome their challenges and reach their full potential

Debbie Espie

Overcome challenges and reach your potential

At Amethyst Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching, I believe in the power of counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching to help individuals overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.

I provide services for children, young people, and adults, helping them navigate through life’s obstacles and achieve their goals.

You may find that you no longer enjoy the things you used to do, that the joy of every day escapes you.

Are you going through the motions?

Getting up and facing the day is achieved by ‘going through the motions’ but brings little back into your life to enrich you.

To the outside world you may appear happy, confident, and able to take on challenges but inside you are struggling to make things work and join things together.

Would you like to find a way forward?

Would you like to make changes but can’t seem to find the way forward?

Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your life or relationships?

Counselling will help you to find out what is at the root of your issues and offer a way to overcome those barriers to joy.

Making time for our own goals and hobbies is so important

I love to sew and this is something I have picked up again after a long absence.

I do want to add that I will never make the grade for The Great British Sewing Bee but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy doing things that bring me pleasure.

I love to be creative and will often bring this into the therapy room if my clients want to experience how creativity can break through man-made barriers which impact our ability to process what is happening around us.

Having a background in the NHS and the business environment gives me an excellent insight into people and the unspoken word.

About Me

How are therapy sessions held?

In Person Therapy, Online Therapy

Debbie Espie can help with the following issues

Therapies offered by Debbie Espie

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Integrative, Psychodynamic Therapy


Children and Young People

Sessions are weekly and last 50 minutes.

The number of sessions is unlimited and will be between 10 am – 6 pm.

Sessions between 6 pm and 8 pm by special arrangement

Adults – Individual Therapy


How therapy is delivered

In Person Therapy, Online Therapy

Debbie deals with the following issues

Further Information about Debbie Espie

Counselling Psychotherapy

I offer a range of services, including Psychotherapy, Integrative and Psychodynamic therapy with elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I work with children from age 10 years through to adults of any age.

I believe in providing a safe and supportive environment to help my clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Contact me to learn more about how I can help you.

I have experience in working with trauma, bereavement, loss, relationships, anxiety, depression and many other areas or struggles.

What is counselling?

Counselling is the process of talking to a trained professional known as a counsellor, who can help you work through personal or psychological issues.

It can be beneficial in dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, relationship problems, and more.

When to seek Counselling?

You should consider seeking counselling if you are struggling with emotional or mental health issues that are affecting your quality of life.

Some signs that may indicate you need counselling include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed or anxious
  • Struggling with relationship issues
  • Difficulty in regulating emotions
  • Difficulty sleeping or eating
  • Experiencing trauma or abuse
  • Struggling with addiction or substance abuse

Why counselling is important?

Counselling can help you gain a new perspective on your problems, learn coping mechanisms, develop self-awareness, and improve your communication skills.

It can also help you to address underlying issues that may be contributing to your problems.

How to choose a counsellor

Choosing the right counsellor is essential to ensure that you can build a positive and effective working relationship with them.

It is also important to feel comfortable and safe with your counsellor, so I am happy to take the time to help you feel at ease and to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Life and Business Coaching

Set Goals

Life and business coaching is a process of working with a professional coach to help you set goals, create a plan for success, and develop the skills and techniques needed to achieve those goals.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

The coaching relationship involves a series of conversations aimed at identifying your strengths and weaknesses, clarifying your vision and values, and determining the steps needed to achieve your desired outcomes. Coaching can be done one-on-one, with a group or team, or through online or phone sessions.

Create a plan

In order to get started with coaching, we will typically begin by discussing your goals and assessing your current situation.

From there, we will work together to help you create a plan that includes actionable steps and timelines for achieving your desired outcomes.

Develop new skills

Often, coaching involves helping you to develop new skills or techniques to overcome challenges and achieve success.

This could involve working on communication skills, developing effective time-management strategies, or learning to deal with stress or anxiety.

Coaching is a powerful tool

Overall, coaching is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve their personal or professional life.

Whether you’re looking to advance in your career, improve your relationships, or make a major life transition, I can help you clarify your goals, develop a plan for success, and achieve your desired outcomes.

If you want to talk with me about this further then please contact me.

I look forward to working with you on this journey towards the fulfilment of your ambitions, goals and desired outcomes.

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Testimonial for Debbie Espie

I was beaten regularly as a child and spent so many years hating myself and everyone else.

Since meeting Debbie, I was able to talk through my feelings.

I had never spoken of these things before.

The talking helped me to realise I was not to blame and I was able to get those negative thoughts under control.

Debbie only ever showed me acceptance and helped me to find myself.

The rubbish was taken away and now I feel different


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