Olga Gelfman

Does life feel like it’s getting on top of you? Could you benefit from a place to take some time-out? … to explore your thoughts and feelings … to get back on the front foot again

Olga Gelfman

Olga Gelfman is a UKCP-registered psychoanalytic therapist. Olga has been practising for over 20 years.

Based in Surbiton, Surrey

I am based in Surbiton which is convenient for Kingston Upon Thames, Epsom, New Malden and other parts of Surrey and Southwest London.

I work with individual adults and adolescents on a short-term (6-8 sessions) or open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, to enable you to enhance your life and live it more fully.

I am committed to providing counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

About Olga Gelfman

I have 20 years therapeutic experience of working with individuals who have experienced a wide array of relationship/sexual issues, depression, anxiety and work-related difficulties.

I am a clinical supervisor and also taught psychotherapy students at Bowlby Center (Center for Attachment-based Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy) in London.

Moscow State University

I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, where I graduated from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

Soon afterwards I moved to the UK and trained as a therapist.

I began my four years of professional training as a psychotherapist at the Center for Attachment-Based Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.

Since then I have become a Mother to two beautiful children, who are teenagers now.  I have developed a particular interest in child-parent relationships and childhood traumas.

I am a member of the UKCP and abide by their code of ethics.

I continue to learn from life and the clients with whom I have worked.

About Me

How are therapy sessions held?

Online Therapy, Therapy via Phone, In Person Therapy

Olga Gelfman Training and Qualifications

Centre for attachment-based psychoanalytical psychotherapy / 2007

Therapies offered by Olga Gelfman

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Integrative, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic Therapy


From £70.00 to £100.00


Trainee counsellors

I operate a sliding scale of between £70.00 and £100.00.

The fee decided upon is dependent on such factors as the frequency of sessions, whether the client needs a weekend appointment

Where do sessions take place?

I work from private offices located in a quiet part of Surbiton, and see clients from London and Surrey.

My practice is well served by South Western Trains, as my office is conveniently within a 5-minute walk from Surbiton Station.

I will provide location details when we arrange our initial assessment session.

I see clients from Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames, Epsom, New Malden and from throughout the Surrey and Southwest London areas.

In addition to providing face-to-face therapy, I also offer telephone psychotherapy and online sessions for clients from all over the UK via Zoom or Skype. Contact me to find out more about how online therapy works.

How therapy is delivered

Online Therapy, Therapy via Phone, In Person Therapy

Olga deals with the following issues

Further Information about Olga Gelfman

How I work

People come to counselling and psychotherapy for many reasons from being rocked by a significant life event, to a general sense of dissatisfaction and distress with life that they are struggling to make sense of.

Working with me will give you an opportunity to gain more insight and awareness into yourself, your situation and the way you relate to others.

I will help you to make your own decisions and to take more control over your life.

Short term or long term

I offer short and long-term online therapy to individual adults in the Surrey area and throughout the UK.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to enquire about booking an initial assessment and to see if we might work well together.

My approach


Psychoanalysis is an intensive form of talking therapy designed to get at the source of emotional problems and change them fundamentally.

It’s not only about the relief of symptoms of tension. It’s about knowing fully our upsetting impulses and conflicts and mastering them.

It’s about recognising and modifying the way the early relationships affected our current relationships.

Understanding at this level is what fosters growth and personality change.


Psychotherapy may be dynamic or cognitive-behavioural in approach.

Dynamic psychotherapy applies psychoanalysis to the individual treatment of those who want relief through understanding but who do not seek radical change.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is short term, directive, and focused on changing your thoughts.

My approach to psychotherapy is informed by attachment theory and research, relational psychoanalysis, object relation theories, the literature on trauma, affect regulation, reflective functioning and developmental neurobiology.

Object Relations

Object relations is the brand of psychoanalysis I practice and supervise. It is a very human approach to psychological suffering.

This theory stems from the study of relationships, beginning with the foundational infant-parent relationship.

We are born with the ability to relate to our mothers and other family members. As babies, we totally depend on our parents for nurturing. We need to feel that we matter to them.

Taking in and coping with frustrating experiences sets up personality patterns that should mature at each developmental stage, but sometimes they get stuck instead of shifting to new challenges.

So children and adults can feel held back, frightened, inadequate, anxious, sad, lost and lonely.

Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy reach in, unlock the logjams left over from the early years and open the personality to new learning and new relationships.

Languages spoken by Olga Gelfman

English, Russian

Testimonial for Olga Gelfman

Olga is a very kind-hearted and supportive professional.

During our time spent together, she greatly guided me on how to get out of a very stressful and toxic situation.

Her wise advice and professional help empowered me to better understand myself and my roots, control my negative emotions and be aware of my own sense of good and worthiness.

I am very grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone facing challenges with increased anxiety, depression, lack of self-love, and issues with a toxic workplace.

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