Ruth Dixon

I offer a safe space free from judgment where you can learn to listen to your body and be heard without preconceptions

Ruth Dixon

Ruth Dixon is a qualified, experienced psychotherapist and a trusted companion along your journey towards healing.

You could say I’ve been training for this role all my adult life, learning about myself and others.

You see, I have been brought to the brink by trauma myself. I know what the body can do, as I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

In fact, I learned how to heal myself through my nervous system and continue to do so daily.

Support for those who feel trapped in their trauma

My mission is to support others who feel trapped in their trauma and show them that there is a way out and that they have the innate power and ability to heal.

Instead of ready-made answers or cookie-cutter advice, I offer a safe space free from judgement, where you can learn to listen to your body and be heard without preconceptions.

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How are therapy sessions held?

Online Therapy, In Person Therapy
Ruth Dixon Therapist

Ruth Dixon


Ruth Dixon Training and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (Higher Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin Business School.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Higher Hons) Child and Adolescents Psychotherapy, IICP College, Dublin.

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Online Therapy, In Person Therapy

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What to expect

Initial consultation

I understand how crucial it is to find a therapist that feels like a good fit, and that’s what our initial consultation is all about – getting to know one another.

The first meeting is an informal session where I gather information and explain how I work, this is where we will learn how to best work together.

We will get an in-depth understanding of your concerns, relevant history, and goals.

Together, we will determine the right mix of therapeutic techniques and develop a tailored plan for moving forward.

Ongoing sessions

The course of therapy treatment can vary depending on the individual. When starting, I generally recommend weekly or biweekly sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Online & in-person appointments

I hold all in-person appointments at my space, “The Tower Healing Centre”, on Wexford Street, Dublin 2.

Online appointments are delivered via Zoom.

Pricing & process is the same for online & offline therapy.

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