Things mentally strong people don’t do

To develop mentally it is important to eliminate the routines that work against us. As a starting point here are 10 things that mentally strong people don’t do.

  1. Waste time on feeling sorry for themselves
  2. Shy awat from change
  3. Waste energy on things that are not in their control
  4. Give away their power
  5. Fear taking risks
  6. Waste time dwelling on the past
  7. Waste time trying to please everyone
  8. Reapeat their mistakes
  9. Resent other people’s success
  10. Give up after their first failure

The following are some great articles that explore mental strength and give great insight.

Psychotherapist Amy Morin is the author of 13 Things that Mentally Strong People Don’t do and writes a great introduction to mental strength from her own experiences.

This articles in the independent also explores the things that mentally strong people don’t do.