Why do therapists charge so much?

Why do therapists charge so much?

Looking for the right therapist is difficult and then approaching them can be even more difficult.

Discussing costs can be the most difficult part and there is a perception that they are expensive.

Most professionals who charge for their services are not actually paid at their hourly rate.

This is their top line revenue and not their pay.

Cost needs to be deducted and many of the hours actually worked are not ‘billed’.

It can seem that therapists charge a lot for their services and how can you evaluate if what they are charging is value for money?

Let’s look at what the costs are for a therapist.

As an example let’s take an hour of a therapist’s time.

Room Hire cost

Supervision Therapy Fee

Room Hire Cost

Professional Insurance

Time allocated for notes/write-up

Training and Continual Professional Development

Marketing Cost

IT / Software

Frequently asked questions about therapist’s fees

Why are therapists’ fees so expensive per hour?

Therapists are skilled professionals who have undergone training and education. Therapist Fees cover other costs for the therapist.

Is private therapy worth it?

In a post covid world, private therapy has become more affordable – this is primarily because many therapists now offer remote therapy online.

This has allowed therapists to reduce costs and given more access for clients, to a wider pool of therapists than those just available locally.

From a different perspective, NHS waiting lists are long so private therapy may be a quicker solution.


The above helps break down a therapist’s fees but you must consider how much you can afford.

Many therapists offer discounts, for low-income, students and other situations.

It is worth contacting the therapist and asking about fees.

Many therapists on our website also list their fees to give you an indication.

By paying for a therapist you are more likely to be seen as a ‘client’ rather than a ‘patient’.

You will have more control over the number of sessions and have direct input on how the therapy is progressing.

It is difficult to put a price on good mental health but ultimately only you can decide if a therapist’s fee is both affordable and value for money.

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