Why you should add your profile to the Centre for Therapy

Why you should add your profile to the Centre for Therapy

  1. It’s free. (There is a paid version more on that later)
  2. Generates enquiries both email and phone
  3. Adds a backlink to your website which is good for your SEO and Google ranking
  4. Improves your position in Google

What you should add to your profile?

If someone is searching in Google or online they are looking for answers to their queries.

The best profiles do that.

The best profiles also re-assure the visitors

Photographs of you sitting at your PC to show that you offer remote therapy.

Clear explanations of the relevance and importance of your qualifications and experience. (not just a list – which many clients may not understand)

How is your therapy conducted?

Is your therapy – in person, remote, on the telephone. Do you provide, weekly, or monthly sessions? Is there a minimum number of sessions?

Paid version of listing for individual centre

We have the free listing service but also offer the following service which includes all of the above plus:-

  1. Your own website
  2. Your own domain name.
    We can connect your domain name to your website if you have an existing domain name.

Services for Therapy Centres

  1. Website
  2. Social Media Integrations
  3. CRM Integrations
  4. Integration with Accounts systems
  5. Digital Marketing Services
  6. Search Engine Optimisation
  7. Lead generation
  8. Integrate Bookings and Room Hire